All life is precious to God, and each person on earth is of immeasurable value to him. Yet we know that this earthly life is fragile and temporary, and that death is part of life and unavoidable for us all. Christians believe that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, sin and death have been overcome. Whilst we all suffer when a loved one dies, we can be confident in the promise of God that death is not the end, but a gateway to life in the closer and glorious presence of God. 

A funeral service is an opportunity to remember and honour a loved one who has died. It is a chance to give thanks for their life, to commend them to God, to commit them to be buried or cremated, and for bereaved people to provide each other with mutual support. It is a service of sadness mixed with hope.

Clergy conduct funerals in both churches and in crematorium chapels. If you live in the parish of Marton (this also includes Coulby Newham), you are entitled to have a Church of England funeral (in church or at a crematorium chapel) and don’t need to be religious, nor have attended church.

If you are considering a Christian funeral, you can discuss this with your funeral director, but also call the parish office (01642 316201) and ask to speak to a member of the clergy. You can also click the button below to visit the Church of England’s website where you can find all you need to know about funerals.