Welcome to St Cuthbert's!


The community of St Cuthbert’s church has existed for 100’s of years. What you see today is just one small chapter in a huge story of how God’s love has been told and shared in this part of the world through many generations. Our understanding is that our Christian community is a Church were everybody is somebody and all are welcome. We are part of a bigger picture in as much as we are a Church of England church in the Diocese of York.

We are a community who are quietly busy getting on with what we feel called to do, to love God and each other, to share the journey of life and faith with each other and our wider community as we go. We love to celebrate life in all its fullness and we embrace all of the seasons and events throughout each year, often with parties and gatherings.

We enjoy a variety of worship styles, from our more formal and peaceful 8 am communion services to our 10am parish communions as well as our loud and hectic 1st Sunday of the month morning praise services. We also meet at other times and in other places to meet the ever growing and various needs of our wider community. Tiny Church Tuesday is our 9:15am service with Cuthbert Bear for toddlers and parents/carers.

These are just some of the regular things that we do, but there is much more that makes up the life and community of St Cuthbert’s.

There may be many reasons why you have ended up on our web site; marriage, baptism, wanting to explore faith for the first time or looking for a new church. Whatever the reason we hope that we can share in your journey and you can share in ours, and that we can both be part of both the story of St Cuthbert’s and of God’s Kingdom.