Leading Your Church into Growth

We are committed to leading our church into growth. We want everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, meet together to worship him, and become his modern day followers. Periodically we run courses to help people understand more about Jesus, the Church, and what it means to be one of his disciples. When advertised we run courses called Start! and Moving On! that introduce people to the faith, and explore discipleship respectively.

Start! Course

This is a down-to-earth fast moving interactive six-session course that helps people discover the Christian faith. Start! Is an introduction to the Christian faith. Over six enjoyable sessions you will explore issues around:

·      Life – what’s it all about and where are we going?

·      God – does he exist and, if so, what is he like?

·      Mess – why is the world – and us too - so messed up?

·      Jesus – who was he, and how can he be relevant today?

·      Cross – what can the death of Jesus mean for us now?

·      Onwards – how can I go forward with God in my life?

Moving On! Course

This down-to-earth course help’ today’s men and women discover more about Christian discipleship in a small group setting. Over seven enjoyable sessions with DVD clips providing vox pops, local based teaching input and personal testimony, the sessions cover the following themes:

·      Stand up and be counted

·      Church – we are family

·      Church – worship

·      Growing in God

·      Life in the Spirit

·      Cheerful giving – time, talents and money

·      New life, new lifestyle